KROS Merch Now Available!


Gabrielle here.

Last week Toronto held its annual Word on the Street festival down at Harbourfront. It was our first actual event, and despite initial hesitance to participate and save it for later, I’d say we made the right choice to table. We were seated next to Living Hyphen, and were able to chat with and get to know other fellow self-published zines.

Despite it only lasting a day, it was definitely worth it; seeing the number of dogs pass by our table, and myself just dancing in front of our table while passing out postcards were more than enough. But we really appreciated the fact that we stepped out of our comfort zones and took steps forward to connecting with others to build the future for KROS.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our own hiccups beforehand. It costed a pretty penny to print our zines into physical format, and it was pretty funny seeing Tas try to lift the box and realizing how heavy paper really is. Unfortunate scheduling meant that the enamel pins we ordered couldn’t be sold at the event and we chose to advertise preorders instead.

Speaking of which…

Our store is officially open! Both the Journey and Hope issues are available with the enamel pins I designed being up for preorder. There is such a stark contrast from working on something digitally to seeing it in its physical form in hand. Designers will understand the dread of messing with an InDesign document and seeing how their efforts pulled off once they see it in their hand. The enamel pins were a new a thing for me, and it was an absolute delight seeing the rainbow metal of the Hope pin glisten. I can’t wait to show them off next time we table.

It’s October now, and the end of 2019 is coming closer and closer. We have a lot of big plans for 2020 for all of you to look forward to, so stay tuned and maybe sign up for our newsletter to know when we’re up to something new!