Issue III: Time

Time can be anything; a construct, the cycle of the sun and moon, a passage, the tick of the clock…

What does time mean to you? Or how does it affect your characters? Does it speed up or slow down? Perhaps stop altogether? There are many things time can do without anyone noticing, and many things it can do when you’re staring a clock down. Something I asked while writing this post is “when did it become 3:20am??”

For our third issue, Time is of the essence. What story can you weave that involves “time” in some sort of significant way?

We’d love to read your submissions! And for this issue, we’re doing something a little different: instead of having a deadline as per usual, we’re having a full reading period between November 31st and January 31st, and will be accepting your submissions on a rolling basis!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.