kros [kroh, kraws]: a magazine that aims to share works created by South and Southeast Asians


Our mission is simple: KROS magazine is your platform to write about you. Or not necessarily you, but us, in whatever capacity that means to you. Maybe it's making a statement. Maybe it's creating a space. Or maybe it's nothing so grandiose at all—maybe your ethnicity, faith, or background is just incidental.

Doesn't matter.

All that does matter is this time, here, it's our #ownvoices telling the stories.


The Team


The crew who works behind the scenes to make sure this magazine is the best it can be!



Consistently sleep-deprived, tired is a state of mind and way of life.

The Founder and Creative Director of KROS Magazine. She doesn't know how she'd live without reading and writing, but she figures life would be really awful without them and never wants to stop.

You can find her portfolio here:



Has lived in the same house her entire life.

When KROS Magazine’s Social Media Manager isn’t looking for stories and coordinating volunteers, she’s actively writing and watering her cactus, George.

You can find her freelance site here:



Wrote a book when she was fourteen and learned to tie her shoes a year later.

We're happy to have her here at KROS Magazine as our Head Acquisitions Editor, helping choose what pieces make the cut to print.

You can find more of her work here:



Some days she’s amazed at the big things in the world like the vast ecosystems of the oceans.

Other days she’s fascinated by her own cat.

She is the main designer and illustrator of KROS magazine. From making page layouts to drawing little portraits, she give these stories an extra touch of colour.